Chief Information Officer, Νίκας ΑΕ

Κλειώ Λεούση

World class IT management professional with 20 years of experience leading the design, development and delivery of highly complex technology projects. Proven history of handling radical changes within the organizational environment, talented in building united teams and aligning their efforts with organizational goals. Skilled in providing strategic guidance and coordination of ERP global roll out initiatives. Business visionary capable of deciding on the right balance between emerging technologies and proven solutions to best service organizational needs and anticipate future requirements. Multilingual with Strong intercultural skills and international experience. 


Ελλάδα: Βασίλης Κουτσαβλής, T: +30 210 6617777 (εσωτ. 129), Ε: [email protected]
Κύπρος: Δημήτρης Σοφοκλέους, Τ: +357 99 148648, Ε: [email protected]

Ελλάδα: Κατερίνα Μπουσμπουκέα, Τ: 210 6617777 (εσωτ. 128), Ε: [email protected]
Κύπρος: Γιώργος Λοϊζου, Τ: +357 99 103323, Ε: [email protected]
Κύπρος: Ιωάννα Αντωνίου, Τ: +357 99 494653, Ε: [email protected]

Ξένια Μαντζιώρη, Τ: 210 6617777 (εσωτ. 164), Ε: [email protected]


  Κλεισθένους 338, 15344, Γέρακας, Αττική, Ελλάδα
  +30 210 6617777
  +30 210 6617778